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Room Thermostat II looses connection after updating the Smart Home Controller II

Junior Homie

I installed my Smart Home system i November 2023. The system consists of:


All devices are within 6 meters of the Smart Home Controller in a small wooden summer house.

After the installation, I had full functionality and connectivity of all devices.


Since the installation the Smart Home Controller has received three updates:

[ 11 December 2023 | 25 January 2024 | 19 March 2024 ]


After each update, the Smart Home Controller II is automatically restarted, and the Relays and the Universal Switch II is automatically reconnected with the controller. However, the Room Thermostat II’s loose their connection and show up as “The device does not provide any status feedback” in the app.


After the first two updates, I needed to go and press the button on the Room Thermostat II, twice and then it reconnected to the Smart Home Controller II. Now the third update occurred while I am not in the house, and I don't have the ability to manually reconnect the thermostats by going and press a button on them.


I think the Room Thermostat II is lacking functionality to try to reconnect to the Smart Home Controller II when/if connectivity is lost. The reconnection evidently works for the Relay and Universal Switch II devices, but the Room Thermostat II reconnection does not work after Smart Home Controller II receives an updated.


Questions: Is this a know behaviour? Is anyone else experience the same? Is it a bug in the Smart Home Room Thermostat II?


Suggestion: It would be very helpful if the Smart Home Room Thermostat II could try reconnecting on its own to the Smart Home Controller II when/if connection is lost. Any remote automation / or control would otherwise not be working.


Experienced Homie

Hi @hank_ason,

You don't appear to be using any heating controllers so it seems to be that an RT II doesn't communicate with the controller after an update unless woken up by heating controllers or by having its button pushed. I would class this behaviour as a bug. 


[EDIT] or is the RT II controlling a relay?

Thanks for replying, @AlanSumm 🙂

Yes, each of the RT II's is controlling one Smart Relay each (which in turn turns on/off old electrical radiators). With the software update released in January, you are able to setup a Smart Relay as a 'slave' to a RT II.


I'm not sure that that should affect wheather or not the RT II looses connection to the Smart Control after a software updatethough? Here is the current status message (language: Swedish) of both RT II's.



In order to get the RT II's connected again, I need to go and press the button on the RT II's - but that is only possible when you are there.. 😉




Experienced Homie

Yes, each of the RT II's is controlling one Smart Relay each (which in turn turns on/off old electrical radiators).


In that case it sounds like a bug. Sorry I can't be of more help.


CEO of the Homies

@hank_ason sounds like a weak connection. Is your controller located with enough distance to your router or other radio sources? Approximately 1 m is recommended to avoid radio interferences.

Maybe a Zwischenstecker Kompakt can help you to extend the connection.

Which signal strength have your devices?

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