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Smart Home Controller 2 and smart plug compact not connecting

Junior Homie

Hi, I have a smart home controller 2 with 2 smart plugs compact and I've had connection problems since I purchased them in February. Actually have a third plug but have left it sealed in the box.

At first I could connect the plugs and it would work for a while, sometimes hours, sometimes a few days, then the plugs would lose connection to the controller.

It slowly got worse so I did a factory reset (plugs plus controller) and now I can't connect to the plugs at all.

I contacted Bosch support on 18th March and filled out all the information they requested and uploaded proof of purchase but I've heard nothing back.

Just tried the latest update and still won't find the plugs.

Really disappointed as I paid a lot of money for these and haven't been able to use them. Getting to the point where I'm going to contact Amazon and see if I can return them.

Just for background info I have good technical knowledge and have spent a lot of time messing around trying to get them to work.

Anyone have any ideas or advice before I return them?


CEO of the Homies

@Parple Do you have enough distance between BSH controller and router? In order to avoid communication disorders, about 1 m is recommended.

If you reset the controller, you must also reset the devices, otherwise they cannot be reconnected.

Ich antworte hier als privater Nutzer. Ich bin weder Bosch SmartHome noch Robert Bosch Mitarbeiter.

Junior Homie

I've factory reset the smart controller and both smart plugs and have tried with the controller over a metre away from my router and still can't connect to the plugs.

Tried the smart home app on 2 different devices as well and can't connect unfortunately.

CEO of the Homies

@Parplewhich software is installed on your BSH controller and app?
Do you see any notifications in the BSH app? 

Have you installed any other BSH device at the controller and in the app?

Were are you located? In an official sales area for the BSH App?

Ich antworte hier als privater Nutzer. Ich bin weder Bosch SmartHome noch Robert Bosch Mitarbeiter.

Thanks for the replies.


I've got the latest firmware on the BSH controller 2 and the plugs were updated when I was able to connect to them.

Using the BSH software on my samsung s23 ultra phone and also tried on my samsung tablet.  Updated to the latest versions.


I haven't got any other Bosch devices to try.  I've only got the smart plugs compact.


I'm located in the UK.  I contacted Bosch through the contact form and got an automated reply saying they will get back to me and gave me a link to fill out more details about the problem which I did but haven't had a reply since.


Not seeing any notifications in the app.  Just says it can't connect when I try to setup the smart plugs.


Quite strange as when I first had it I could at least connect to the plugs.

CEO of the Homies

@Parple The correct timing is essential for the reset. Have you seen the green LED at the end of the reset procedure?

Please share the original error message here, by uploading a picture.



Please disconnect the controller for >10 minutes from power and LAN and than reconnect.

Ich antworte hier als privater Nutzer. Ich bin weder Bosch SmartHome noch Robert Bosch Mitarbeiter.

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