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Hello,where is localized sensor of light intensity on motion detector device, please?Thank you.
Hello, which all status are shared via rest API for battery level? Thanks. 
Hello,do you have any idea/recommendation how to interconnect condens GC2300 iW 22/25 with Bosch Smat Home Controller I and with more rooms with A.(Room Thermostat I + Radiator Thermostat I) and B.(Room Thermostat II + Radiator Thermostat II)?When is...
Hello,Radiator thermostat I can be combined together with CT200 + EasyControl Adapter (only optionaly for non Bosch condens devices).And CT200 isn´t compatible with radiator thermostat I. Correct? Exist any possibility (or is planned something):A. Ra...
Hello, For Bosch GC2300 iW 22/25 is planned to use CT200 and additional external temperature sensor.On radiators are installed Bosch Radiator Thermostat I or II (yet heating system working only with SmartHome app with Radiator Thermostats I or II) - ...