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Good morning,   which position of Radiator thermostat I and II is recommended for summer mode (that means which settings - set temparature to lowest value or set temperature to higher value)?   Thank you.
Hello, Somewhere on the forum (or in the manual) there was an indication (for the radiator regulator) where over summer mode once in a while the valve opens and closes (so it doesn't get stuck with sediment). 1. How often does this motion activate (f...
Hello, it is possible extend ZigBee signal of some Bosch Smart devices (that means devices used ZigBee) without use Zwischenstecker or Zwischenstecker Kompakt with e.g. TP-Link device? Technical information of Deco M9 available in link.Deco M9 Plus |...
Good morning, Used- Raumthermostat - Heizkörper-Thermostat II - Smart Home Controller 10.11.268- Android App 10.10.30 Room1 - Raumthermostat + Heizkörper-Thermostat II (here is issue)Room2 - Raumthermostat  + Heizkörper-Thermostat (here is without is...
Hello, Plug compact is installed on socket for fridge (only for measure the power consumption).When is switched off main electricity from power plant and after reenergy is plug compact always switched off - due this can fridge lost cold status.How ca...